VR Fitness Bundle

“VR Fitness Bundle” Packs Up “Synth Riders” with “Until You Fall” and “BOXVR”

We are very proud to announce that Synth Riders is now part of a brand-new “VR Fitness Bundle” along with BOXVR and Until You Fall!

This is a cross-publisher collection of games that combine fast-paced action, intense movement, and electrifying soundtracks, aiming to bring back the fun of exercise and make burning calories more exciting than ever before!

Thanks to the bundle, you can grab all three games with a 20 percent discount. The bundle is flexible, so if you own one or two of the games included, you can still complete your collection saving 20 percent on the missing games.



We are big fans of BOXVR and Until You Fall and believe these are perfect titles for the fans of Synth Riders. We are super grateful for all the support we receive from the Synth Riders community. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you!


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