Synth Riders Releases for Apple Vision Pro on February 2nd!

It’s official—Synth Riders is releasing alongside Apple Vision Pro! The game will be available to download via Apple Arcade at no additional cost to subscribers on launch day, February 2nd.

Players on Apple Vision Pro will have access to an extensive music library of all 73 songs from the base game, including four free tracks from the recently released Electro Swing Essentials 2 pack.

Re-imagined for hand tracking

We were inspired to re-imagine Synth Riders gameplay, enabling full hand tracking support for the first time. The feeling of catching beats with your own two hands is nothing short of magical!

Stunning visuals

We created a brand-new stage for Apple Vision Pro where the visuals are perfectly synchronized to the beat of every song, creating a mesmerizing retro-futuristic audio-reactive environment. 

A spectrum of immersion

You’ll be able to choose between full immersion or watch as your very room becomes a portal to the retro-futuristic world of Synth Riders.

New look and feel

New brand visuals and audio-reactivity effects permeate through the whole game, not just the songs – menu navigation and the holistic user experience reflect the latest and greatest audio-reactivity Synth Riders has to offer. 

Much More to Come in 2024!

At Kluge, our commitment to the broader Synth Riders community remains as strong as ever. New music and updates are coming throughout 2024  on PlayStation VR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest platforms. In the meantime, we can’t wait for Apple Vision Pro users to get their hands on the game and join us for what’s already shaping up to be an incredible year in Synth Riders history!

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