Riders’ Code of Conduct

Last Updated: 1 January 2023

Synth Riders is a safe, enjoyable and inclusive space where Riders are free to play in the way they enjoy – be it for music, dance, socialising, fitness or competitive play.

As a community, we all share in creating a space where All Are Welcome, where we Ride With Respect, Ride Safe, Ride Fair. Each Rider is responsible for how they behave in our community in game and online, and we expect Riders to be familiar with this Code of Conduct and interact accordingly.

All Are Welcome

  • All Riders are welcome, and should be able to play free from harassment, abuse and hatred.
  • Be considerate to others, they may have perspectives which differ from your own.
  • Help new Riders to learn the game and about our community’s expectations when needed.
  • Hateful, discriminatory, or derogatory comments about a Rider’s gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, race, ethnicity, nationality or religion are unacceptable.

Ride With Respect

  • Show respect, kindness, encouragement and good sporting behaviour towards other Riders.
  • Use appropriate language, particularly in public spaces.  Riders come from diverse backgrounds and all ages.  This applies to room and player names.
  • Respect others’ boundaries.  If someone asks you to stop saying something or doing something, then stop – even if you don’t think it’s offensive.
  • Respect the Host’s choices – it’s their room, they set their rules and communicate those with room tags. You are always free to open your own room.
  • Threats, harassment, inappropriate behaviour, sexual suggestions, bullying and other kinds of misconduct are unacceptable.

Ride Safe, Ride Fair

  • Don’t give out your private, personal information to anyone. No one at Synth Riders will ask for your personal information in-game.
  • If you experience unwelcome behaviour, or see someone being harassed, make use of our in-game mute, ban, block and report tools and leave if necessary.
  • Using cheats, cracks, hacks and exploits for competitive advantage or piracy have consequences, including bans.
  • Don’t promote dangerous or illegal activities, including but not limited to doxing, abuse, phishing, self-harm. If you see this happening, please report it.
  • Don’t impersonate other Riders, developers, officials, streamers, celebrities etc.

Managing Your Safety

In Multiplayer, if someone is behaving in a way that doesn’t reflect this Code of Conduct there are in-game options available to manage your interactions with them.

  • The room host may remove someone from the room with a BAN, or may GLOBALLY MUTE them so that no one else can hear them.
  • Individuals may MUTE others, BLOCK them to avoid interactions and/or REPORT inappropriate behavior falling into the categories as follows:
    • Inappropriate Player Name
      • When a player has an offensive, toxic, or otherwise inappropriate account name.
    • Inappropriate Room Name
      • When a player has made an offensive, toxic, or otherwise inappropriate multiplayer room name.
    • Inappropriate Behavior
      • When a player is engaging in offensive behavior, unsporting conduct, including abuse of personal space/avatars.
    • Inappropriate Language
      • When a player uses inappropriate language in public spaces.
    • Cheating/Hacking
      • When a player is cheating, hacking, or exploiting the game, including use of multiple accounts to avoid bans and sanctions.
    • Harassment/Misconduct
      • When a player is threatening/harassing an individual or group, making sexually suggestive comments, doxing, promoting illegal activity, or impersonating someone.


If you violate this Code of Conduct, we may restrict your access to some or all of the game and/or our community resources:

  • Temporary Ban: No access to all online features and systems for 7-31 days, depending on the severity and whether this is repeat behaviour.
  • Permanent Ban: No access to all online features and systems permanently.

You will be notified in-game if you attempt to access a service while banned, with information on dispute resolution.

The above behavioural examples are not exhaustive; we reserve the right to enforce this Code of Conduct and take disciplinary action at our own discretion.

The platform you are playing on has Code of Conduct and Terms of Service which you have already agreed to when first registering on that platform.  Please be familiar with these expectations, as we may be required to enforce and act upon those by our platform partners.

Ban evasion, through the use of alternative accounts or other means, will not be tolerated.

Changes to this Code of Conduct

We may update this Code of Conduct to reflect changes in our policies, practices and features, changes to the Code will be presented in-game and will become effective immediately upon posting on our website. Check back often to ensure that you are up to date on our most current policies, practices and community expectations.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us.