“80s Mixtape — Side A” Launching in Synth Riders on All Platforms!

Rad news – Synth Riders drops some totally awesome DLC: A trip back to the 1980s! What’s in store with The 80s Mixtape – Side A (besides flashbacks to hanging out at the mall)?  


First, there’s an 80s-inspired stage available at no additional cost. We also created most excellent beatmaps for five songs from the era. Best of all, it’s available right now, whether you play Synth Riders on Meta Quest 2&3, Steam VR, or Apple Vision Pro! It will also be available on PSVR2 April 23!


To get you more into the mood, let’s go through the setlist and share this absolutely radical trailer that we created with Anaburn to help us celebrate the launch:



a-ha – Take on Me

You know it by heart, the pencil-drawn video that’s broken many a karaoke singer trying to match Morten Harket’s high notes when he belts out, “In a day or twoooooo….!” Well, we are taking that song to new (interactive) levels in Synth Riders 80s Mixtape – Side A!

Starship – We Built This City

Starship’s protest song against closing Los Angeles music venues is peak pop rock. Mickey Thomas and Grace Slick’s vocals roasting corporate expansion became an 80s anthem — in a decade of corporate expansion.

Devo – Whip It

When a problem comes along, you know what to do: Strap on your Devo-approved energy dome. (For real, that’s a thing.) This song – and its video – cemented Devo as an early pioneer of US New Wave. Now, we say, “Whip It” in Synth Riders!

Phil Collins – Sussudio

What did you say when you had your first schoolyard crush? Was it something like “Sussudio?” That’s what Phil Collins’ mid-80s song is all about. Just take a nonsense word, a horn section and the heavy funk influence of “1999” by Prince and you’re all set!

INXS – New Sensation 

Australia’s INXS, with its huge drums, relentless guitars, and sax solos define late 1980s rock. Combine that with the distinctive vocal growls of Michael Hutchence on “New Sensation” and you’ve got a Synth Riders track that grabs you and won’t let go.



… and, as we mentioned at the top, we have the 80s-inspired stage, “Endless Café.”

Next time you’re feeling like revisiting the age of acid-washed jeans, just look for the Stage Select prompt at the Song Select screen.



Want to take your game to the max? We’ve got you covered with a number of challenges coming your way inspired by the classic 80s jams that are fresh to Synth Riders!

We don’t want to spoil the surprise with the upcoming challenges we have in store, but start training now and we’ll start uploading 80s track challenges soon enough.

Here’s how to find the challenges, in-game: 

  • Once you’ve clicked onto a song, look to the panel on your right. 
  • See those leaderboard scores for that song? Along the top, you’ll also see a tab for “Challenges.” click that. 
  • That’s where we post new challenges for all songs.

Oh, and one quick pro-tip: Be careful when slipping on some old-school bangles before playing! 



The ‘80s Mixtape – Side A’ music pack is now available on Meta Quest 2&3, PSVR 2, and Steam VR with individual songs for $1.99 or as part of a bundle for $7.99. All songs are included for Apple Arcade subscribers in Synth Riders for Apple Vision Pro.

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