Synth Riders Remastered Edition for PlayStation VR2

Kluge Interactive is excited to announce that a remastered Synth Riders is coming to PlayStation VR2 February 22, 2023.  The culmination of months of behind-the-scenes work sees the best version of the game to date launched alongside the new headset, and PlayStation fans are in for a treat!



The game’s remastered visuals create a more deeply-immersive experience than was previously possible, including the highly-regarded Synth Riders Experiences.  Each of these has been upgraded to deliver enhanced performance, clarity and look simply stunning on the premium displays of the PlayStation VR2.


Nuanced controller haptic feedback adds to this immersion, giving players better real-time feedback as they feel the rails like never before.  Plus, colliding with in-game obstacles just got “real”! Thanks to the unique headset rumble only possible on PlayStation VR2, players will feel each wall contact, adding to the reality.


Other welcome performance upgrades include SSD optimization, leading the way for loading times, with Synth Riders taking advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware to create a more seamless play experience.  All loading and transition times are dramatically reduced, making it easier to workout with non-stop player sessions.


The remastered version is being offered as a free upgrade for everyone who owns Synth Riders on PlayStation, including all music DLC purchases.  “The PlayStation VR community has always supported Synth Riders,” said Abraham Aguero, Creative Director of Kluge Interactive, “We want to thank them for that support and hope they love experiencing Synth Riders on PlayStation VR2 as we do.”

– Sahin “Falcon” San, Marketing Manager, Kluge Interactive