Synth Riders Pico 4 Release Announcement

Synth Riders has finally made its way to the Pico 4! Fans of the game can now experience the excitement of dancing and dodging to the beat of their favorite songs on the latest headset by Pico.


This release on Pico 4 comes with a major update that will make Synth Riders like a new game compared to what was previously available on Pico and additionally, players will be able to join the global community of players in cross-platform multiplayer!


If you’re new to Synth Riders, the game is all about immersing yourself in a futuristic world of music and rhythm. You’ll find yourself transported to a neon-lit world where you’ll need to match your movements to the music in order to score points and progress through the levels.


To experience the game first hand, put on your headset and jump in to Synth Riders today! With 58 songs ready waiting for you with variety of difficulties to choose from, you’re sure to find something that gets your heart pumping and your feet moving.


The game’s release on the Pico 4 is great news for anyone looking for a more immersive VR experience. Pico 4 is a stand alone headset that will let you move around more freely, which is perfect for a game like Synth Riders that requires a lot of movement.


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