Synth Riders Year 2019 Rewind

Synth Riders Debuts on Oculus Quest and Leaves Early Accesss

We are proud to announce that Synth Riders is leaving Early Access and entering Oculus Quest with new songs and many improvements!



Our community has been integral in getting us here and we’ll continue to lean in on your support to move forward. This is just the beginning.

We will continue to improve the game, build new features, and add new songs. Our immediate focus will be to bring multiplayer to life, with more features forthcoming, such as new power-ups!

It doesn’t mean that we finish the journey, it means that we actually started, we have great plans for the near future and we are excited one of our main focus will be multiplayer in companion with a bunch of power-ups, Synth Invaders and new music will come as well. Stay tuned!


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