Mind-bending “Spiral Mode” free update is now available!

Get ready for the rush of adrenaline with the mind-bending “Spiral Mode”, now available for free on all platforms with the new song, “Go!” by Dance With The Dead!

“Spiral Mode” brings a new twist on familiar gameplay, as the playfield spirals around the special new cylindrical stage, “Cyclone”. Let the walls and arrows guide you through twists and turns, as you lean your whole body from side to side to follow the line of play.


Check “Spiral Mode” and the new song in action on the trailer below:



In “Spiral Mode” you’ll unlock three intensities as you play, each of which gives you more powerful turns and increases the challenge to match! You can enjoy the new mode in every song and difficulty, use it with most modifiers and in all areas – including Multiplayer!


We’re also celebrating the release of “Spiral Mode” with the addition of a new, free song “Go!” by one of our favorite synthwave bands, Dance With The Dead!  Just in time for Halloween, their killer blend of synth and guitar will get you ready to turn your Synth Riders world upside down!


Spiral Mode Gif


Play Synth Riders with “Spiral Mode” on Steam
Play Synth Riders with “Spiral Mode” on Oculus Quest

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