Synth Riders Spin Mode Update

“Spin Mode” Free Update Adds 90, 180, and 360 Spins To Every Song

Just in time to celebrate the second anniversary of Synth Riders’ release, we introduce the biggest free update to the game to date. The lavish “Spin Mode” update is packed with new features, including groundbreaking spinning experience which lets you enjoy the unconstrained freedom of dancing.

The star of the show is a “Spin Mode” that brings 90, 180, 360, and 360+ overhead spins to every song and difficulty in the game. In this mode, orbs and walls come to you from various directions making for an even more immersive and engaging experience.

Check out the trailer below:

The unique thing about “Spin Mode” is that the spinning works not only in the entire 55 track OST but also in players’ favorite custom songs thanks to the carefully crafted algorithm. Spins will work exactly the same every time in a given song, difficulty level, spinning angle, and intensity. It is good news for the players who like to master specific maps and compete with others in the leaderboards – or in the multiplayer mode.

In this update we also introduce “Play Profiles” that will allow you to easily access your favorite combinations of modifiers to match the type of play experience you want to have.  “Play Profiles” can be played in the Multiplayer Mode and each of them comes with their own scores thanks to a brand new filterable leaderboard system.

We are also excited to introduce a new free track “Star Fighter” from the fantastic Danish synthwave and retro-electro artist, Wice. With a punchy bassline and soaring synth leads, this 2017 classic is a perfect song to take for a spin!


Play Synth Riders with “Spin Mode” on Steam
Play Synth Riders with “Spin Mode” on Oculus Quest

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