“Perfect Hit VR Bundle” is now available!

We are excited to announce that Synth Riders is now part of a brand-new “Perfect Hit VR Bundle” along with Eleven Table Tennis and The Thrill of the Fight!

“Perfect Hit VR Bundle” is a cross-publisher collection that combines exciting gameplay with intense movement, allowing you to smash, soar, and spar your way to Perfect Hits!

Thanks to the bundle, you can grab all three games with a 20 percent discount. The bundle is flexible, so if you own one or two of the games included, you can still complete your collection saving 20 percent on the missing games.



We are big fans of Eleven Table Tennis and The Thrill of The Fight and believe these are the perfect titles for the Synth Riders community to discover!


>>Here’s a link to the bundle<<


About the included games:

Eleven Table Tennis is the ultimate Table Tennis simulator serving up realistic physics and thrilling fast-paced matches against an AI opponent or other players in multiplayer.

The Thrill of the Fight is the boxing game that delivers an authentic fight experience against a roster of AI fighters who will test your fitness, coordination, and strategy in the ring.