Oculus Avatars, Multiplayer Improvements, New Stages, and more!

The “Out of this World” update is here with Oculus Avatars, two new stages, enhanced Multiplayer room, improved visuals, and more!

We are happy to present the new major update with many exciting features and improvements:


Oculus Avatars for Multiplayer room

Oculus Avatars are now available for players on all Oculus devices. Customize your avatar before entering Multiplayer, and then, take it for a spin!


New stages for Spin Mode

Enter “Eclypse”, a brand new stage for the Spin Mode that will take you to another planet where robots roam and spaceships rule the skies! The existing “Spin City” stage has been completely redesigned for a new level of richness and depth.


Improved multiplayer experience

You can teleport around in the Multiplayer room, which is now a shared space! You will experience better interactions thanks to avatars’ movements and position.


Major performance improvements

On Oculus Quest 2, you can now turn on an experimental 120Hz Mode! On Quest 1, we are introducing significant improvements to performance and memory use.


You are invited to join our Community on Discord and leave a review on the Oculus Store to support the development.


A huge shout out to our beta testers who signed up and joined us to test! You are all amazing – thank you for being a part of this, enjoy sharing it with the world!


See you in the game!