“Muse Music Pack” & Experience is now in Synth Riders with some of the band’s greatest hits!

We are beyond excited to present the “Muse Music Pack” featuring some of the band’s greatest hits and a breathtaking Synth Riders Experience!


The “Muse Music Pack” pays tribute to these incredible British electro-rockers, with five tracks including “Uprising”, their best-selling single of all time.


Included in this pack is a unique Experience for their massive hit, “Starlight”, a truly epic intergalactic rock ballad. Set sail across the oceans of space and time that separate a traveller from his loved ones, while he has a great “black hole revelation” of what truly matters in life and love. More than just a stage, these are artistically-driven, immersive visuals delivered in-game that result in the blending of sight, sound and movement together into something truly unique – a Synth Riders Experience.



“Muse Music” comes with 5 DLC songs:

  • “Starlight” + Experience
  • “Uprising”
  • “Madness”
  • “Reapers”
  • “Pressure”


While we are committed to continuing to add new, free music for you with our compilation packs, the nature of music licensing is complex! In this case, being a dedicated artist pack, we are unable to give away these Muse songs for free.


You can listen to the whole pack on Spotify!

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