Meta Quest 1 Support Announcement

Today we’re sorry to announce that we’ll be sunsetting Quest 1 support effective November 1, 2023. With Meta ending Quest 1 support at firmware version 50, it’s tough to develop without their platform support. Quest 1 users will still be able to play Synth Riders, but will no longer receive updates or new features for the game.


Our Synth Riders journey started during the summer of 2018. Release after release… year after year, you’ve helped us to grow the best community in VR.


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The Synth Riders Legacy on Quest 1


Before November, we will continue to develop for the Quest 1 platform, making our final version for Quest 1 to be the best it can be – and yes, we plan to bring the acclaimed Remastered Edition of Synth Riders to all our platforms – including Quest 1!


This free update improves the performance, functionality and visual fidelity of Synth Riders and is the biggest refresh of the game since we first launched on Quest.  It’s been receiving rave reviews on PlayStation VR 2, and will be a fitting tribute to a platform and the players on it who have supported us on Quest since day one.


Playing on Quest 1, as long as you are connected with your Meta account, you’ll continue to be able to access previously purchased music and Experiences as usual.  You’ll be able to enjoy all the modifiers – Spin, Spiral, Rhythm & Force – and you’ll be able to access Custom content that you’ve enjoyed previously.


We’ll endeavor to keep services like cross-platform multiplayer, leaderboards, Meta platform services and avatars available for as long as possible; but networked services for Quest 1 will be very difficult to keep operational without Meta’s support for the platform and we can’t guarantee that these services will remain operational beyond November.