Fitness Update YUR Watch

“Fitness Update” Makes Workout Fun with YUR Watch Calorie Tracker

Trying to #stayhome and #stayfit is about to get a lot easier with our fitness update!

This major release includes many features that have a fitness focus – encouraging you to move more and get active, all while having fun in Synth Riders. We also introduce improvements to the Multiplayer Mode to help you connect with others and enjoy time together without leaving your house.

New Features:
  • In-game calorie counting with YUR.watch Fitness Tracker
  • Non-Stop pack play for a continuous workout
  • Ability to scale up the play area for bigger movement
  • Multiplayer limit raised from 5 to 10 players per room
  • Players are represented by avatars in the room lobby
  • Set bigger scores with a faster Multiplier
  • Brand new song for the FiXT pack, “Phoenix” by Raizer

We hope you will enjoy this update and use it to burn those calories during a necessary social distancing. Ride on!

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Burn Calories with Synth Riders on Oculus Quest

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