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Synth Riders OhShape Collab Delight

“Delightful Update” Introduces New Free Song in Collaboration with OhShape

We’ve joined forces with OhShape to bring you a brand new song, FREE in this update, “Delight” by Jamie Berry!

This infectious addition joins our other free songs as part of the Electro Swing Essentials Pack and features the beautiful vocals of Octavia Rose, and we hope it will have you up and dancing with delight!


Move to the beat if you can take it, let the music fold around you, and pull you into… “Delight” by Jamie Berry!


Collab Delight Contest

To bring our communities even closer together, along with OhShape we invite all of you to enter the “Collab Delight” contest with $1600 worth of prizes! There are three categories to enter: Solo Play and Duo Collab categories focused on high scores, and the Creative Collab category to show off your moves, with each category having three prizes up for grabs:

  • First Prize – Exclusive Delight Collab Graphic Tee, Delight Collab Mug or Socks, Plus $150USD Amazon Gift Card
  • Second Prize – Exclusive Delight Collab Graphic Tee, Plus $75USD Amazon Gift Card
  • Third Prize – Exclusive Delight Collab Graphic Tee, Plus $50USD Amazon Gift Card

The winners of “Collab Delight” will be announced during the special co-developer stream on July 1st, 2020.

Play the new “Delight” song on Steam
Play the new “Delight” song on Oculus Quest

>>>  Full press release can be found here  <<<