Synth Riders Cyberpunk Essentials DLC

Powerful “Cyberpunk Essentials” DLC Release Will Keep You Moving

Take a trip to a future dystopia, where neon lights our day and night, cyberpunks and hackers are the new revolutionaries striking back at a technocratic regime.

Synth Riders’ “Cyberpunk Essentials” music pack takes you there with 10 carefully selected songs from both established and emerging electronic dance music artists such as Tokyo Machine, Pegboard Nerds, RIOT, and Au5!

This update includes 5 FREE new songs:
  • “Voidwalkers” by Au5 & Chime
  • “I’ll Fight Back” by Sullivan King
  • “Showdown” by F.O.O.L.
  • “Calling Out” by MUZZ (feat. KG & Skyelle)
  • “Revenger” by F.O.O.L.
You may also purchase 5 extra songs and a stage either individually or as part of a bundle:
  • “Take That” by RIOT
  • “Eden” by Au5 & Danyka Nadeau
  • “TURBO” by Tokyo Machine
  • “MOSHI” by Pegboard Nerds & Tokyo Machine
  • “New Game” by Nitro Fun

Completing your experience is the brand new environment named “Dystopia”, where you take a road trip through a future city under the watchful gaze of “Big Brother”.


Check out the trailer below:


You can listen to the whole pack on Spotify:


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