Synth Riders: 2022 Year in Review

Happy New Year Riders!

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on what a busy time the Synth Riders team had last year here at Kluge Interactive!

  • Our year-round music releases have seen us pass over 100 songs available in-game, including free content added to the base game alongside our DLC!

  • Two more of the popular Synth Riders Experiences added to the game, the most complex to date. This brings the total available to 5.

  • A new spin and static stage was added to the game, FREE for all players: “Liquid Disco”

  • Increased the built-in customization options available so you can really make Synth Riders your own! You’ll find lots of settings under SETTINGS > COLORS where (depending on your headset) you can change lots of things such as the color of score numbers depending on your hit accuracy; the color and glow of the outline of the walls; even putting a cute picture on your platform!

Here’s our big highlights from 2022:

  • 🎉 Jan 21: Steam Free Weekend

    • This was the first time we’ve offered a Free Weekend, and we were delighted to see lots of PCVR players jump in to experience Synth Riders for the first time!

  • 🐯 Jan 28: Lunar New Year Update

    • The game-within-a-game, our playable “Synth Invaders” cabinet was permenantly relocated into “The Room” (visit your apartment to play by setting SETTINGS > VISUALS > HOME STAGE to THE ROOM and using LOAD STAGE)

    • Steam and Quest cloud backups made available!

    • Better behaviour around game uninstall / reinstall and cloud backups for Quest made possible through the use of a special user content folder.

  • 🎻 April 14: Lindsey Stirling Music Pack

    • Added the “Underground” Experience to this pack, inspired by Lindsey’s music video.

    • This was the first time an artist participated in their own trailer, be sure to check out her performance in the trailer (linked above). Lindsey was excited to play her music in game too!

  • 🎵 April 27: Beatmap Editor Update

    • The Public Beta version of our Beatmap Editor (available for FREE on Steam for Windows PC!) received a major update, with lots of long-awaited quality of life updates and improvements.

  • 🥳 July 12: 4 Year Anniversary Update

    • We celebrated 4 years of Synth Riders with 2 FREE songs added to the Ninety9Lives Music Pack – “On My Way” & “Stardust”

  • 🏆 Sept 1: League of Legends Music Pack (feat. K/DA)

    • Addition of the “Legends Never Die” Experience, inspired by the world and characters of Riot Games’ “League of Legends”!

    • This was the first time we’ve featured Kpop, Rap and Hip Hop in-game and the first time we’ve featured a song with a tempo change (GIANTS)!

  • 🎃 Oct 27: Halloween Spooky Update

    • We celebrated Halloween with the FREE addition of “Riot” by spooky Synthwave legends, Dance with the Dead – you’ll find it in Synthwave Essentials Vol 1.

  • 🕹 Nov 16: Synth Riders & VRSenal create the Synth Riders arcade machine

    • Specialist VR Arcade Machine company VRSenal & Synth Riders partnered to premiere the Synth Riders Arcade Cabinet at the IAAPA trade show in Miami, Florida.

  • 😎 Dec 15: Groovin’ Essentials Music Pack (feat. Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic & Starcadian)

    • First time collaboration with legendary dancer and choreographer Phil “SACBxY” Tayag. You can see him performing in our trailer for this pack too!

    • The first time a special difficulty (“SACBxY”) has been included in-game, a special choreography for the song “Manuals” created by Phil Tayag.

    • Addition of the “Liquid Disco” stage, FREE for all players!

  • 🎄 Dec 25: Merry Synthmas Update

    • First premiered in 2021, Santa returned in his rocket-powered sled!

    • Snow is everywhere, and our Christmas song “Carol of the Bells” by Dance With The Dead reappeared for a strictly limited time!

    • Synthmas festivities end January 15th, when the snow melts, the song disappears and Santa heads off for another year..

We are delighted to see how our Synth Riders family has grown beyond borders and all over the globe, and we are truly grateful for each and every one of you who have joined us on this exciting journey! We wish you all the best this holiday season and a wonderful year ahead for 2023!

— Synth Riders Team