We strongly support the efforts of our community members who produce community videos (referred to hereafter as a “Production”) using video images, footage, music, sounds, speech, or other assets from Synth Riders’ copyrighted products (“Synth Riders Content”). Using the guidelines below, we encourage you to make creative and dynamic, In Game Play Videos, Work Walkthroughs, Let’s Play, Speedruns, Reviews, etc. using Synth Riders’ game content, and publish to your website, YouTube, Twitch or similar digital services:

  • Do not charge your viewers to watch your videos with our game related assets
  • You are able to monetize your videos via Youtube, Twitch and similar video sharing sites with Synth Riders Content
  • Be respectful with others in your videos, no offensive content is allowed. We reserve the right to remove content we find objectionable, for any reason, on a case by case basis
  • Keep your videos focused on our game and thematics
  • You have the right to be creative with our game content, but do not duplicate our official trailers and videos.
  • You are required to credit the artist’s song you are using in your Production.

We reserve the right to remove content that is only reproducing our game or not following our policy described above, on a case by case basis.

For further information

In the event that you have any questions about your Production in regards to Synth Riders’ Video guidelines or would like to inquire about obtaining a license as described above, feel free to send us a note at retrowvr@gmail.com

Synth Riders Original Sound Tracks:

  • Dance with the Dead – From Hell
  • Das Mortal – The Curse
  • Deadlife – Carbon Cult
  • Electric Runner – Sunset Hologram
  • Scandroid – Neo-Tokyo (Dance with the Dead Remix)
  • Overbad – Silver Stallion
  • Powercyan – Space Rock
  • Robert Parker – End Of The Night
  • Stilz – Pursuit
  • Sunset Neon – Tonight
  • Waveshaper – Choices
  • Occams Laser – Satanic Panic
  • Jeremiah Kane – Vampirevania
  • Wolf and Raven – Galaxy Joyride
  • 3Force – Suppress it
  • Blue Stahli – Enemy
  • Celldweller – Unshakeable
  • Circle of Dust – Dust to Dust
  • VOICIANS – Wolves
  • Raizer – Free