Swing to the Greatest Hits of Caravan Palace in the New Music Pack!

We are thrilled to present the “Caravan Palace” Music Pack, now available on all platforms featuring 5 DLC songs.


The Caravan Palace Pack will have you dancing to the greatest hits from this “eccentric electronic” group from France!


Also included in this pack is another unique Synth Riders Experience, and this time we’re taking you on a trip to Caravan Palace’s “Wonderland”! You’ll step through a mysterious gate into a wonderful land – with candy, and jam, and ice cream! Synth Riders Experiences are hand-crafted animations inspired by and matched perfectly to the music that creates a truly unique, immersive way to experience music:



“Caravan Palace Music Pack” comes with 5 DLC songs:

  • “Wonderland” + Experience
  • “Lone Digger”
  • “Miracle”
  • “Rock It For Me”
  • “Tattoos”


While we are committed to continuing to add new, free music for you with our compilation packs, the nature of music licensing is complex! In this case, being a dedicated artist pack, we are unable to give away these Caravan Palace songs for free.


You can listen to the whole pack on Spotify!

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