“Adrenaline” Pack is Out Featuring The Offspring and More Punk Rock Legends!

We are thrilled to present the “Adrenaline” Music Pack, now available featuring 3 free and 5 DLC songs.


Packed with the greatest hits of iconic punk rock artists including The Offspring, Bad Religion and Rancid, these songs will have you jumping straight into the mosh pit!


The song “Come Out And Play” by The Offspring comes bundled with the second Synth Riders Experience, this time packed with punk style and rock attitude tailored to match the track with perfectly synced visuals:



“Adrenaline” comes with 5 DLC songs:

  • The Offspring – “Come Out And Play”
  • The Offspring – “Self Esteem”
  • Bad Religion – “21st Century (Digital Boy)”
  • Rancid – “Time Bomb”
  • The Interrupters – “Gave You Everything”

And 3 songs free for everyone:

  • Pennywise – “Never Gonna Die”
  • Too Close To Touch – “Hard To Love”
  • Plague Vendor – “New Comedown”


Free songs are rolling out to all the players as an update. DLC songs can be purchased for $1.99 or as a bundle with a 20% discount.


You can listen to the whole pack on Spotify:

Play “Adrenaline” on Steam
Play “Adrenaline” on Oculus Quest

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