Synth Riders Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 19 Nov 2020

Synth Riders is a virtual reality (VR) rhythm game expe­ri­ence which is intended to entertain. This Privacy Policy describes how we use, share, and protect information that we collect from players of Synth Riders, and is a supplement to the Kluge Interactive Privacy Policy.


  • We collect and store the player’s game platform username (Steam, Oculus, Viveport) with scores attributed to that username.
  • We collect other anonymized information from your play of Synth Riders.
  • Synth Riders does NOT collect the player’s name, physical address, contact information, or any geolocation information.


Game Platform Username

  • Facilitate leaderboards for the player which also display their Steam & Oculus friends.
  • Facilitate multiplayer games and player to player interaction.
  • Support Oculus Challenges using social features of the Facebook platform.

Aggregate, De-identified Play Data

  • Analyze and improve our game.
  • Support the internal operations of Synth Riders.
  • We aggregate all information collected so that it cannot be used to identify any particular player.



Third Party Tracking Technologies: Activity and Movement Data, Gameplay Infrormation

Activating and pairing the YUR watch device in Synth Riders to a YUR account enables data collection by YUR. This may include: spatiotemporal virtual reality tracking data, the dates, songs and difficulties you played, fitness performance history, distances travelled, information about your estimated heart rate and any other information that may be available from time to time. This data is attached to your YUR account and is therefore not anonymous. For more information, please see the YUR Privacy Policy.


Third Party Tracking Technologies: Social Features, Activity and Movement Data, In-Game Purchases, Gameplay Information

Playing Synth Riders on the Oculus Quest platform with a Facebook-linked Oculus Account enables rich data sharing of your activity within Synth Riders to Facebook for social features native to the Facebook platform. These include but are not limited to: gameplay data for dates, times, song and difficulty played, scoreboard information, challenge participation details, Facebook friends, information required for in-app purchases, In addition, players with Oculus Move activated will activate collection of spatiotemporal virtual reality tracking data, fitness performance history and distances travelled on the Oculus Platform. Please note that this information is not collected by Synth Riders, for more information, please see the Facebook Privacy Policy.


We may revise this Privacy Policy, for example, to reflect changes in the law, our practices, or the features of Synth Riders. These changes will be effective immediately upon posting. As a result, you should periodically review the Privacy Policy so that you are up to date on our most current policies and practices. By playing Synth Riders, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, and, by continuing to play Synth Riders after changes have been made, you agree to the changes.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us.